“Epsilon Echo”

EPSILON ECHO – A contained SciFi thriller set primarily in a suburban home with two additional scenes in a gymnasium, and one in an open field – the cast consist of four main characters, with a STRONG FEMALE LEAD.

When a house-bound Astronomer discovers the echoes of past transmissions, she believes she has tapped into a rich vein of lost nostalgia. She hadn’t counted on a secret government code concerning a plot to assassinate a president or just what lengths the modern deep state would go to, to prevent their recovery.

EPSILON ECHO taps into the online gaming community, conspiracy theorists and the dark underside of the internet. With overtones of “He Knows You’re Alone” and “Rear Window” – the mystery is driven by a classic Hitchcockian “McGuffin” and features a unique climax of intense physical combat.  Casting can be multi-cultural.