My first serious effort at writing, was tackling a novel. I managed to pound out fifty five thousand words of a swashbuckling epic I called “A Case of Rapiers”. I immediately began shopping it around. Back in the day, this was done by putting the manuscript in a box, mailing it to publishers. and waiting.

Lots and lots of waiting.

Thank God for the internet.

As a first novel, it had its moments. I think the plot and characters were pretty good. The writing, was pretty rough. About what you expect from a first effort.  I did receive some interesting feedback from virtually every agent or publisher who read it. “You have a very cinematic style, ” and “Very very visual… strong images.”

These kind words led me to think that perhaps my skills were better suited to writing screenplays. And so I adapted a short story I had written into a screenplay, entered it in Worldfest Houston, and won ‘third place’ in the Science Fiction Category, with “Champions”.   Well gee… I must be on to something. A call from an agent interested in that script, asked if I had anything else. “Well, I have a novel I’m turning into a script.”

“Great! Love to read that too!”

So I turned my first novel, into a screenplay called “Pryour Justice.” That script was eventually optioned by a production company, that was also a successful game design and distribution company.

More than a decade later, and now I’m turning a select few of my scripts into novels – also at the request of agents and fans.

Watch this page for announcements as these novels become available.





“The Christmas Closet” – A troubled boy discovers a mysterious closet where Christmas goes the rest of the year. As the holiday season approaches, he fights to save the old house from destruction and salvage a last chance to reunite with his missing mother.

” Where does Christmas go, the rest of the year?”







“Yearbook”  – A philandering fashion photographer finds an inscription of love in his long lost High School yearbook.  Aided by his best friend, he begins a search for the mysterious author “C. N.” and final shot at a lasting  relationship with a secret love. But how long will true love wait?


“You’re never too old to come of age.”




Currently Available through NuClassic Publishing



Voters in the Lone Star State have elected a fanatical theocratic government that has replaced democracy with oppressive biblical laws and punishments. The borders are closed and the sinister religious police enforce the law with fear and violence. Young librarian Jen Frazier is thrown into the struggle between the theocracy and the underground resistance that is fighting to expose the atrocities committed by the government in God’s name.

This is the dark world of AFTER TWILIGHT, an indie comic book series that describes a society where reason is outlawed and blind faith rules.

Order HERE  from, NuClassic

Available  as digital download on COMIXOLOGY.

Richard Alvarez , Artist Doug Brown and Author Gary Watson sign copies of "After Twilight" for fans

Richard Alvarez , Artist Doug Brown and Author Gary Watson sign copies of “After Twilight” for fans

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