“Don Q”

Don Q Poster“Don Q” – A bizarre jousting accident sends a middle-aged jouster into a fantasy world, where he struggles against imaginary foes on the streets of San Francisco. Assisted by his teen-aged squire he confronts the demons in his past as well as those of the present in a modern day retelling of the Don Quixote tale.

“DON Q” is a modern day re-visioning of the Don Quixote tale. The character-driven Cinequest-Float-DOnQwebscript tackles the themes of honor and redemption through the eyes of an Iraq War Vet suffering PTSD because of the atrocities committed during his time in country.


“In a world grown weary of war, is there anything noble left to die for?”

“Don Q” was a Top Ten finalist in last year’s Cinequest Film Festival, a top 10% Felini-Float-BluCatWebfinalist at the Austin Film Festival, a finalist at the Yosemite Film Festival screenplay competition and a semi-finalist in the BlueCat Felini Screenwriting contest.

A contemporary Dramedy set in San Francisco, Don Q features a multi racial cast, in an urban setting.


The male lead, aged 40-50 in the title role, could be any race.  His squire is a young Hispanic male, aged 17 -22, and the role of “Carmesina” is a multicultural female, aged 17 – 25.


“There is no greater folly in this world, than for a man to despair…” 


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